Version released on 09/05/2022

Release highlights

1. Data Quality: Drill-down on quality results

When creating a data quality implementation you will be able to define drill-down criteria, called segments in the application, so the results will be presented as a total but also by those segments.

This feature will be managed by a new permission: “Manage Implementation Segments” so in order to enable it you will need to grant this permission to at least one role. Only users with such permission will be able to set up implementations with segmentation.

Note: Quality engines must be adapted in order to use this new functionality.

Creating a new implementation with segmentation

In the last step of the process of creating a new implementation you will be able to select the fields by which you want the results to be drilled-down:

Viewing results by segments

2. Data Catalog: Asynchronous upload of structure notes

The process to upload structure notes has been modified to be asynchronous, this way a larger amount of records can be uploaded at once.

The process to load the notes remains the same but you will be able to check the progress of the load process and one it has completed in the new menu item under Data Catalog: My uploads.

In the quality implementations details screen, in the tab "Structures" you can see the links to data structures. When a quality implementation is created, the structures linked to that implementation are automatically detected:

  • For implementation created using the form, structures used to define the data set and those used in the validations will be shown as linked to the implementation.

  • For raw/native implementations links will be created by trying to find structures using Source+Database+Name used in the dataset.

These links between data structures and quality implementations can be removed and new links can also be added. In order to do so you will need to have the new permission "Link implementations to structures".

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-4586 Notes asynchronous bulk load

  • TD-4538 As a quality user I want to see results depending on a segmentation given in the implementation

  • TD-3186 As a Data Quality user I want to have link between my raw implementations and the Data Catalog

  • TD-4775 [Postgres] Remove docker-compose database always restart

  • TD-3936 Upgrade to react-hook-form v7

  • TD-4781 Include Datastructure with lineage information in metrics structures

  • TD-4680 Include table in metrics with list of structures with lineage information

  • TD-4780 Incluir búsqueda en la SDK de DataStructure


  • TD-4783 Sometimes the lineage is not generated

  • TD-3569 Only admins or service accounts should be able to create templates

  • TD-4793 A non-admin user is unable to upload implementations via csv file

  • TD-4709 When loading implementations via csv it is not possible to modify them

  • TD-4753 Metrics connector is not storing past quality results

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