Version released on 22/03/2022

Release highlights

1. Remediation plans

Additional information such as remediation plan details can now be recorded in the tool and linked to the result of an implementation execution. This additional information is managed by a new type of template that has to be defined beforehand. Only certain roles can register, edit or delete this information and it will be done with a new permission.

New permission

A new permission "Manage Remediation Plans" has been added to the Quality Rule permissions list. This permission has to be given to those roles who will create, edit and delete remediation plans.

New template

A new type of template is now available and can be configured in the Administration module in the Templates section.

Create remediation plan

In the details view of the result of an implementation execution you can create a remediation plan that is linked to that result.

View remediation plan

2. Filtering Data Catalog by technical metadata

Filtering by technical metadata is now possible. In order to do so, you have to configure which metadata can be used to filter. This can be done by the administrator in the Structure Type section. For each type of structure you can define which metadata fields you want to be able to filter by.

3. New view of structure notes pending approval

In the Data Catalog there is a new menu option to view the structure notes that are not published yet. These menu option will be visible to those users with permissions to manage notes (edit, send for approval, publish or reject) and they will view notes pending an action from them which will depend on their permissions, i.e. if the user has permission to publish/reject notes they will see notes pending approval but if the user only has permission to publish, the notes displayed will be only those in draft status.

The view can be filtered by status, system and domain. From the list you can navigate to the structure by clicking on it and carry out the relevant action.

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-3233 As a quality user I want to add a comment to a quality result (remediation plan or status)

  • TD-4447 As a data catalog user I want to filter structures using some metadata or mutable metadata

  • TD-4577 As a data catalog manager I want to view the list of notes pending approval

  • TD-4500 As a Data Catalog manager I want to assign multiple domains to the same data structure

  • TD-4271 As a quality user I want to link a quality implementation to a business concept

  • TD-4461 Avoid reindexing all data catalog when there is a change in domains

  • TD-4618 Adapt metrics connector to support multiple domains in data structures

  • TD-4507 Include metadata and name in metrics table structure_versions

  • TD-4491 Refactor permissions and taxonomy cache to consider global and inherited permissions

  • TD-4303 Materialize data structure type metadata fields


  • TD-4580 Implementation is displayed with an alias when no alias was specified

  • TD-4527 List of sources is displaying sources that have been deleted but have jobs (logically delete sources)

  • TD-4435 Display full name of structures in Data Catalog

  • TD-4630 Filter by domain not working correctly in Business Glossary for domains that have subdomains

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