Version released on 07/02/2022

Release highlights

1. Additional information in implementations download file

The implementations download file now includes the following additional information::

  • Information from dynamic content

  • Number of records for latest execution

  • Number of errors for latest execution

  • Details of the tables used in dataset (dataset_external_id)

  • Details of the fields used in validations (validation_field_id)

2. Audit information displayed in quality rules

There is a new tab in quality rules that displays all the modifications done to a quality rule.

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-4152 In implementations download include additional information when downloading implementations

  • TD-4294 As a user I want to view audit information on all changes done to a quality rule

  • TD-2564 As a quality user I want to get class="table" structures when selecting structures in my implementation dataset

  • TD-4277 Include domain at an implementation level

  • TD-2929 As a quality user I want to save my filters

  • TD-4426 Allow connectors to send sql in additional fields in order to populate query used to extract evidences

  • TD-4102 New table for notes in metrics model


  • TD-4501 Permission for "My graphs"/"lineage events" always denied for regular users

  • TD-4424 Data structures filters performance improvements

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