Version released on 10/01/2022

Release highlights

1. Quality implementations self-join

When creating a new implementation, you can now join a table to itself. The same table is specified twice but with two different aliases. These table aliases can be edited.

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-4390 As a quality user I want to create an implementation joining a table with itself

  • TD-4379 Avoid indexing grants for class = field structures

  • TD-3393 Include implementation dynamic information in td-metrics


  • TD-4388 Lineage is not being displayed in corresponding tab from data catalogs

  • TD-4413 Lineage and impact tabs in data catalog are not working correctly

  • TD-4387 Some lineage requests are blocking the browser

  • TD-4380 Filters applied to an operator in quality implementations does not allow to cast value

  • TD-4180 Application does not allow to change implementation key for raw implementations

  • TD-4356 Remove number of metadata fields in structure types view in order to improve performance

  • TD-4369 504 error on /api/data_structure_types call

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