version released on July 26th 2021

Release highlights

1. Structures grants

On this new version we are providing functionality to store and view user grants to data. Through ad-hoc integration to your systems we will be able to recover which users have access to which data and this can be documented in truedat. In this new version users with access to some structures will be able to view it when navigating the Data Catalog

2. Quality executions errors

Errors produced by the source systems will be documented in truedat. We will be able to see implementations with errors on execution on the implementations list and detail of the error when view the implementation details. In order to get this feature your connectors need to be upgraded to include this changes.

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-3947 As a data catalog user I want to see the structures to which I have been granted access

  • TD-3551 As a Quality user I want to undelete an logically deleted implementation

  • TD-3050 As a Data Quality user I want to see a comprehensible error when my quality execution fails

  • TD-3453 Data Catalog: Configuration enabled to periodically purge logically deleted structures


  • TD-3906 Notes audit is not including status changes

  • TD-3929 When modifying a structure domain children changes are not indexed

  • TD-3965 User with view_dashboard permission is not able to fetch domains

  • TD-3968 Metrics: Data structures load not working whith huge structures volume

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