Release highlights

1. Profiling on demand

The way for a user to request profiling has been improved by allowing this request on demand using user interface. As of now this is only available at a field level but will be enabled at table level in following releases. The option will only be displayed to users with permission to run profiling and in structures that are being populated by a data source with profiling enabled.

Please be advised that in order to have the profiling working some changes need to be done in the connector in order to support this new functionality.

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-2951 - As a user with permissions to run profiling I want to run the profiling of one field from the front-end

  • TD-3326 - As an admin/integrator I want to setup the session timeout

  • TD-3327 - As a I user I want to click on the title of a result search (global search) to navigate to the asset


  • TD-3185 - Implementation key is not updated when an implementation is modified

  • TD-3387 - It is not possible to modify extra information in data structures without refreshing the screen

  • TD-3444 - Metrics connector error on run.sh

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