Release highlights

1. Structures' notes workflow and versions

We have introduced an approval workflow for the data structures' notes (formerly known as Extra Info). A note is metadata maintained manually in Truedat and attached to a data structure. Usually this will provide information about the structure that can not be obtained automatically from the source system. Since this information is mantained manually we have found that it is important to provide an approval workflow for those clients that want to control what information is published:

  • Using permission's configuration you will be able to setup whether you need an approval workflow or the user editing can publish the information right away.

  • For all cases we will be storing the versions for any note that has been published. Using permissions configuration you can decide which user can see older versions.

2. Functional metadata classification in Data Catalog navigation

In case that you have metadata from your source systems that you would like to group to make it easy to understand you your clients you will be able to use this new feature. Defining simple or complex rules and using regular expresions we will be able to classify your metada and display that classification to the end user. I very usual example would be to group tables inside a schema/data base according to their names.

Although we plan to have the classification available in the user GUI under the administration options, currently this will need to be done using the API. Please let us know the classification you need and we will setup that for you.

3. Domain assignment to data structures

We have introduced a new permission to enable managing the domain assigned to a data structure. This will allow to manual change the domain of any structure to which the user has permission and will also update the domain of any structure below the one changed.

This is how domain-structure managing works:

  • All data structures are assigned a default domain as defined in the Source. For the same source all structures will be assigned a single domain.

  • Users with the needed permissions will be able to manually update the domain of a structure and in the same action the domain of all its descendants.

  • When the connector runs again after manual domain management, only new structures will be setup with the default domain. The existing ones will keep the domain already stored in order to avoid overwriting any manual changes.

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-3522 As a data catalog user I want to have an approval workflow for structures aditional information

  • TD-3374 As an administrator I want to visually classify data structures using rules (structure type, name pattern, schema,...)

  • TD-3720 As a data catalog user I want to modify the domain to which a structure is assigned

  • TD-3552 As a data quality user I want to identify my external implementations and allow to execute only the ones set to be executed with Truedat DQ Engine

  • TD-3900 Allow proxy authentication in OpenID Connect / OAuth 2.0


  • TD-3585 Athena Data Quality: Date comparison is failing

  • TD-3659 Athena Data Quality: Implementations with errors may not be executed twice on demand

  • TD-3713 Implementations with multiple conditions including relative dates fail

  • TD-3842 Relation field content is not validated

  • TD-3907 Reindexing fails when metadata contains keys with differing value types

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