Files Description

Following is the description of the files used in the different Data Catalog APIs

Structure File

Contains the list of data assets to be loaded into truedat.



Group to which the structure belongs. In the case of an Oracle DB it could be the schema, in the case of a Microstrategy report it would be the document, etc. All the structures of the same group must be sent together since when receiving a group it will be inferred that those structures of the same group that are not in the file have been deleted


Structure name. Depending on the type of structure, it will be the name of the table, file, report, etc.


External identifier of the structure. It allows us to identify the structure from the origin of the metadata in order to make successive queries. Additionally, this external identifier is necessary to enable navigation between traceability and catalog.


Optional description of the structure that provides information to the users of the Data Dictionary


It allows us to specify what type of structure we are dealing with: Table, Report, File, etc.


Indicates if the structure belongs to

Possible values:

  • "": An empty string indicates that the structure is no defined class

  • "field": Asset is a field of another structure. Usually columns in a table

  • "table": Asset has children with class field.


It is allowed to enter variable fields to be decided by each connector. These fields can later be used to be displayed in the listings or to order them.


ype mapping to be used at points in the application where it is necessary to have a standard data type. For example, this happens to be able to show the quality operators that apply to the structure.

Possible values:

  • boolean

  • date

  • number

  • string

  • timestamp

File example:

"MIHI";"CLIENTES";"MIHI.CLIENTES";"Tabla que contiene información de clientes";"tabla";"truedat";"1"
"Riesgos";"Primas Vencidas";"Riesgos.Primas Vencidas";"Informe donde se cálcula el importe de las primas vencidas";"informe";"";"2"

Data Structures Relations

Contains the parent / child relationship of the structures, if any, which allows navigation between structures.



Identify the external identifier of the parent


Identify the external identifier of the child


Identify the type of relationship between the father and son. If you want to use this functionality, you must register the type of relationship before including that type in this file.

File example

C.R. Analitica (S.M.).Objetos públicos/Informes/Cuadro de seguimiento;C.R. Analitica (S.M.).Actividades;
C.R. Analitica (S.M.).Cuenta de Resultados Analítica pdf;C.R. Analitica (S.M.).Analisis Agencias_pdf;
C.R. Analitica (S.M.).Cuenta de Resultados Analítica pdf;C.R. Analitica (S.M.).Analisis Agencias_Sin tradicional_pdf;
C.R. Analitica (S.M.).Cuenta de Resultados Analítica pdf;C.R. Analitica (S.M.).Costes Unitarios_pdf;includes

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