Release highlights

1. Now you can launch metadata connectors manually:

2. Structures that are linked to concepts can be filtered:

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • [TD-2258] - As a Data Catalog user I want to filter by the fields that do not have any link to the business glossary

  • [TD-2949] - As an admin user I want to run my connectors manually

  • [TD-3066] - As a quality user I want my implementations to be deprecated automatically if the structure or fields to which it makes reference are deleted

  • [TD-3089] - As an admin I want to have a template field to copy structures


  • [TD-2946] - When loading a new lineage version for an existing unit old groups/resources are not being removed

  • [TD-3120] - Athena Data Quality Connector is not assuming role

  • [TD-3121] - Athena Data Quality Connector: Error when no records match validation condition

  • [TD-3122] - Athena Data Quality Connector: Only 20 implementations are being executed

  • [TD-3129] - Athena/Glue Catalog Connector: PartitionKeys not found error

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