Release highlights

1. Sharing concepts

New feature to allow users to share a concept with other users in the application via email. While sharing, user will be able to select one or multiple user or a group of users. It will also be possible to include a comment explaining why the concept is being shared.

2. Changes on type of accounts to define service accounts

In order to improve security there is a new type of account "Service Account" which will be used by connectors or third party applications which need to access the API but not the front-end. This accounts will be able to query all information in the application and post information on the metadata load end-points but will not be able to do any administrative action in the application.

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-2591 - As a business glossary user I want to include the number of related concepts in the concept summary when deleting it

  • TD-3074 - As a business glossary user I want to share a concept

  • TD-3163 - As an administrator I want to distinguish between service accounts and user accounts


  • TD-3083 - Data requests relations tables is not being displayed correctly

  • TD-3203 - Data catalog indexing fails for long field_type


  • TD-3216 - Error creating a new implementation with operators without parameters

  • TD-3248 - ImplementationCache is not returning referenced structure ids

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