Version released on 15/12/2021

Release highlights

log4j vulnerability impact has been analyzed. We have discovered only impact on metabase which needs to be upgraded to version 0.41.4

1. Quality information upload

In this relase three new options have been included to upload bulk information using csv files through the user interface:

  • Quality Rules

  • Quality Implementations

  • Quality Results

Be aware that given the complexity of implementations, only data from the information section will be available to be uploaded for quality implementations.

2. Quality goal and threshold

This parameters have been moved from the quality rule to the quality implementations, allowing users to define different limits at implementation level.

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-4270 As a quality user I want to include threshold and goal at an implementation level

  • TD-4272 As an external quality engine I want to inform of errors/records and quality % without having % recalculated

  • TD-4301 As a data quality user I want to bulk upload quality implementations using a csv file

  • TD-4314 As a data quality user I want to bulk load quality rules

  • TD-4273 As a quality user I want to upload quality results using the user interface

  • TD-4295 Improved design on quality implementation view


  • TD-4345 Notifications emails are displaying the name of the rule and not the implementation key

  • TD-4361 Include values_modifier in /api/rule_implementations/search

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