Release highlights

1. Subscription to source events

A new type of subscription is included in this version to allow to notify selected users with any specific event happenning to one of our sources. This will allow to use truedat's notification system to send emails and notify in truedat to some user in case that a connector executes or fails.

2. Quality implementations search by structure

Tables and fields used in our quality implementations have been indexed in our search engine. This allows user to search implementations by field or table name, finding all quality being applied to specific data assets.

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-3733 Include structure names in implementations index

  • TD-4099 As an admin user I want to create a subscription to source's events

  • TD-4128 As an admin I want to automatically publish structures notes when performing bulk update

  • TD-4278 Grants bulk load

  • TD-4216 Include in metrics relation between quality implementations and data structures

  • TD-4228 Include optional external id for users


  • TD-4174 Modifying implementation key should not lose results

  • TD-4253 /api/rule_implementations/search should include modifiers

  • TD-4280 Timeout during reindexing

  • TD-4283 Move MAX_PAYLOAD_LENGTH configuration

  • TD-4169 Structure notes bulk load takes too much time and returns timeout

  • TD-4207 Bulk notes upload is not reindexing all affected structures

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