Release highlights

1. Share concepts between domains

Focused on our installations where information is managed for multiple organizations we have a new feature to share concepts between different domains. Usually when we have a multiorganization we will have a Corporate domain and want that some of our business concepts are used by one or more of our companies. Users with permission to modify a concept will also be able to share this concept with a different domain. This will allow the concept to be seen by anyone with permission on the shared domain and link the concept to any of their data structures.

2. Improving structure tagging features

We introduced in previous version our new tagging feature. With this version we will introduce two improvements to that functinality:

  • Filter data structures by tag

  • Subscribe to events for structure's tagging

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-3447 As a business glossary user I want to share concepts from my domain with other domains

  • TD-3735 As a Data Catalog user I want to receive notifications when a tag is added/removed from a structure

  • TD-3736 As a data catalog user I want to filter by structure's assigned tag/s


  • TD-3718 In some cases extra info is not downloaded when downloading structures

  • TD-3786 User without permissions to view concepts is able to list concepts using the global search

  • TD-3837 * Response times out when updating structure notes

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