Release highlights

1. Selection of fields to apply profiling to

With this new version users will be able to request profiling to be executed selecting multiple fields for a given table. This option will only be available for those tables from sources that have profiling option activated. In order to have this feature producing profiling results new versions of the connectors will need to be depoyed.

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-3108 - As Data Catalog user I want to select to which fields in my structure I want to apply profiling to


  • TD-3471 - Create tests for all operators in SQL Server and fix currently failing operators

  • TD-3472-When we try to delete an implementation linked to an execution group we get an error

  • TD-3494 - Implementation and Rule are not being reindexed when a rule result is loaded individually

  • TD-3505 - Data source of native implementations is not being indexed, so connector doesn't find them when filtering by source

  • TD-3566 - Avoid having structures without parent displayed on the main system page

  • TD-3509 - Data is not being displayed correctly for quality rules with number of errors type of analysis defined

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