Version released on 31/01/2023

Release highlights

1. Data Catalog: Reference data

Users can now view all the datasets with reference data that have been defined in their domains where they have permission to view structures. In previous versions this information was restricted to admin users only. Loading reference data will still be only allowed to admin users and they will assign the reference data datasets to their corresponding domains so they can be used in the definition of the quality implementations.

2. Data Quality: Edit basic implementations

When editing the new type of quality implementations, the basic ones, you can change them into form implementations or native implementations and include the additional information related to dataset, population, validation.

On the menu there are two new options: "Edit as form implementation" and "Edit as raw implementation". These will take you to a new page to complete the relevant information and save/publish the implementation.

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-5300 As a user I want to access and download existing reference data

  • TD-5478 As a quality user I want to modify a basic implementation including dataset and validation information

  • TD-5473 As an administrator I want to receive notifications for notes events grouped by parent in case of class=field structures

  • TD-3805 As an administrator I want to be able to manage hierarchies to be used in the application (ontology, semantic, etc)

  • TD-5493 Grant reindexing performance


  • TD-5407 Error when accessing a quality rule with user with no permission to manage implementations

  • TD-5472 Filter for domain template fields is not working correctly in quality implementations

  • TD-5522 Execution groups are being created including executions for implementations old versions

  • TD-5524 Subscription to implementation button is not working properly