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Bulk Uploads

Bulk upload of concepts

From the list of concepts for administrator users of the application, the possibility of mass uploading of concepts will be provided. In order to perform this action, a specific template must be used for the type of concept to be uploaded and the following steps must be taken:
    Write the terms in the template.
    Export the template in .cvs format using the "save as .cvs" option.
    Upload the exported file using the "upload file" functionality of the glossary of terms.
It is important to keep in mind the following points:
    All fields must be completed with valid values:
      The required fields must be completed.
      Fields with a list of values ​​must be completed with a valid value.
    All terms will be registered in "draft" status to be reviewed and subsequently published manually.

Structures extra info Bulk upload

Starting at the Data Catalog main page you may, as superadmin user, load extra information to be added to the structures. In order to do that there needs to exist a template linked to the data structure type to which you want to add that information.
The file to be uploaded needs to be text file with fields separated by semicolon. The first column needs to be "external_id" and the rest of columns correspond to the fields defined in the given templates.
You can get the external ids corresponding to your structures by downloading the list of structures from the data catalog screen.
File example:
glue:/all_glue/default/table_without_columns;This an example table without any columns;Yes
When creating the file to be uploaded you need to keep attention to the following points:
    Columns headers need to have a corresponding value in the template of the structure to be updated. In case that they do not match, those columns will be ignored.
    In case that you include a field which has a list of values defined in the template, the values given need to match with one value in the list. Otherwise the process will fail.
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